6th Edition of Media Gufa in Suga Village, Mahottari
Updated: 03/19/2015

Kathmandu, March 19
Media Gufa 2015 is being held in Suga Village, Mahottari from March 21-24, 2015. This is the rural edition of Gufa, and the sixth in the series. Six journalists from Baitadi, Dolakha, Mahottari, Parsa, and Kathmandu will enter the cave to take up the reporting and writing challenge.

Participants from the September 2014 event in Kathmandu will return and gather at the rural village of Suga Bhawani, Mahottari. They will be accompanied there by 2 more locally nominated journalists for the 72-hour event to report and write stories on important issues of the village. Participants will do door-to-door reporting in an effort to regain human touch in storytelling. This rural Gufa will also feature two prominent atithi speakers from the region.

Participants will report on topics suggested by the villagers through direct discussions with them. They will further deliberate on the suggested story ideas and prioritize and score them in terms of news values. The stories are then assigned to individual participating journalists through lot drawing.

About Media Gufa
Media Gufa is an experiential reporting and writing event for journalists, writers and content producers with the objective to refresh the craft, re-engage professionals, and reconnect with the local communities. The event is volunteer-driven, and it began in 2012.

This edition of the Gufa is supported mainly by Media Foundation Nepal, Vision for Nepal Foundation, Institute of Advanced Communication, Education and Research (IACER), Broadcasters’ Association of Nepal (BAN), and Radio Mithila.

Pre-event pictures can be downloaded here and used by the media with credit to “Rajneesh Bhandari/Media Gufa” https://mediagufa.org/photo-gallery/gufa-6-suga-bhawani-mahottari-janakpur/

Participants’ Profile

Fyuba is an independent development professional who maintains interest in documentation, communication and editorial tasks. He has in the past worked in the area of conflict mitigation, rights of indegenous people, interpretation, writing and research with a number of organizations, including the UN. He has an MA in Sociology from Tribhuvan University.

Mr Karna, 31, is from Suga Bhawani Patt-5, Mahottari. Has has been a reporter for Biswa Jagran daily (Janakpur), Sanatanpatra weekly (Kathmandu), Himalaya Times (Kathmandu), and Janki FM (Janakpur). He has an MA in Maithili.

KC, 29, works as a bureau coordinator in Dolakha for Karobar (national economic daily) and has nine years of reporting experience. He has worked with Kalinchowk Sandesh (weekly), Dolakha Express (weekly), and Kalinchowk F.M.. He has a BA in Mass Communication and Political Science from R.R. Campus.

Saud, 25, reports for Avenues TV and Dinesh FM 93.8. He also works with Janasarokar Post Daily as editor. He has seven years of experience in journalism, six years as a district reporter for the National News Agency. He is currently doing his B.Ed with a major in English and Nepali from Dadeldhura Education Campus.

Sharma, 38, has been in journalism for 10 years. She is a reporter at Himal Khabarpatrika. Based in Parsa, she has written for a number of newspapers and has also contributed to BBC Nepali Service. She has a BA in History and Political Science from Thakurram Multiple Campus, Birgunj and a diploma in Journalism from Nepal Press institute.

Silwal, 26, is an online journalist with Chakrapath.com, with eight years of experience in the profession. She has in the past worked with puleso.com, Sourya Daily and BBC Media Action. She is currently doing her Master of Arts in Sociology from Birendra Multiple Campus, Chitwan.

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